• 1 contains preservatives
  • 2 contains food colouring
  • 3 contains antioxidants
  • 4 contains flavour enhancers
  • 5 contains phosphates
  • 6 contains sweetener
  • 7 contains a phenylalanine source
  • 8 sulphurised
  • 9 blackened
  • 10 waxed
  • 11 contains caffeine
  • 12 contains quinine
  • 13 Alcohol
  • A contains Gluten from cereals
  • Aa contains wheat
  • Ab contains rye
  • Ac contains barley
  • Ad contains oats
  • B contains crustaceans
  • C contains eggs
  • D contains fish
  • E contains peanuts
  • F contains soybeans
  • G contains milk (incl. lactose)
  • H contains nuts
  • Ha contains almonds
  • Hb contains hazelnuts
  • Hc contains walnuts
  • Hd contains cashew nuts
  • He contains pecan
  • Hf contains para nuts
  • Hg contains pistachio
  • Hh contains macadamia nuts
  • I contains celery
  • J contains mustard
  • K contains sesame
  • L contains sulphur dioxide & sulphites
  • M contains lupin
  • N contains mollusca

Allergen-related data is based on information from manufacturers and suppliers. Based on the variety of products and the simultaneously processing various foods cannot completely discount cross-contamination and products may contain traces from not labelled ingredients. Therefore, we cannot unfortunately completely exclude cross-contamination.

The spirit has the same laws as the body: Both can only be obtained through the right food.

Luc de Clapiers

The idea is to create nutritious meals optimized for a balanced metabolism. The value formula of the menu is: Who feeds aware feels better, stay healthy and fit. The concept has been successfully implemented at Campus Kronberg and applied in many fields.